Using SUS304, or stainless steel of the highest grade, hand-made with high level of craftsmanship. Developed through tens of cycles of power checks, manufactured by TIG welding and beautifully finished, the exhaust system is a real piece of professional work. It is offered in two types, including the racing type and sports type. (For Golf V, however, sports type alone is available.) Please select either the funnel type or the slash-cut type for the tail end design when ordering.
Taleend Slashcut type
Aero-dynamic form fitting the bodyline of Golf VI and looking natural and elegant. Meticulously designed to the minute details for the people who seek a professional piece of work. Through its unique styling that outclasses others, make your Golf GTI superior to anyone else's. It is offered in two types of materials, carbon fiber-reinforced plastic and FRP. Please select either of them when making an order.
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